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Are electric scooters and electric bikes legal to use?

Electric scooters are legal to buy and own in the UK, but they are not permitted on cycle lanes, footpaths, or public roads. They can only be ridden legally on private land with the landowner's permission. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all national and local laws when operating an electric scooter. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with using electric scooters and holds Bayilla Bikes, trading as Bayilla Group, and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.

Electric bikes do not require insurance or a license. The motor power limit for use on public roads is 250W, with settings that exceed this limit being used only off-road. The speed limit for e-bikes on the road is 15.5 mph. Additionally, any rider must be at least 14 years old.

Are electric bikes road legal?

Legal information is displayed on each product under the safety and legal section; we recommend reading this information before making a purchase. Please note, the customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of Electric Assisted Vehicles.

Electric bikes with motor power under 250W can be used on UK public roads as long as they meet EAPC (‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles’) regulations, and they can be ridden by persons over the age of 14 years. Only bikes that comply with EAPC regulations can be used on UK public roads and do not require a licence, insurance, tax, or MOT. For more information on the regulations, check: Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance - GOV.UK.

Electric bikes with more than 250W power cannot be used on UK public roads without first obtaining type approval, insurance, tax, MOT, and displaying a number plate. Electric bikes with motors over 250W are sold for use on private land with the landowner’s permission. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of Electric Assisted Vehicles.

Before riding, you are responsible for checking the regulations and ensuring compliance with applicable laws. We are not responsible for any mishaps, accidents, or violations of any laws or regulations due to the use of this product. Ensure that the correct safety protection is worn when using any vehicle, including but not limited to helmets, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, or body pads.

Do I need a licence to ride an electric bike?

It is legal to ride an e-bike in the UK without a licence, but only if it meets certain requirements: it must be pedal assist instead of 'twist and go throttle', and have a maximum power output of 250 watts, with a speed restriction of 15.5mph.

How long will the battery last until it needs replacing?

Most batteries are designed to last for over 1000 full charge cycles.

Do I need insurance?

Legally, you are not required to have insurance to ride an electric bike. However, we do recommend obtaining insurance to cover theft and accidental damage.

Does my new electric bike come with a warranty?

Yes, your new electric bike comes with standard manufacturer warranties on the bike frames, batteries, and mechanical parts. Please check each product for their individual warranty details.

Do you contribute to charity organisations?

Yes, we do. We are proudly supporting Keech Hospice Care as a Bronze Business Club Member. Our aim is to provide increasing support to this amazing organisation, and by choosing us, you will be contributing to that.

Do you offer Cycle To Work Scheme?

Yes, we do. Our Cycle to Work Scheme is via Cycle Solutions. If you require further information, please contact us or refer to the Cycle to Work Scheme page.


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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards. Additionally, we offer Buyline 0% interest finance up to 11 months & Snap Finance 11 month interest free product or take up to 48 months to pay with interest added

How do I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us promptly at or call us on 01582 858394.

Please note there may be additional fees associated with order cancellations.

For returns, the product must be in its original new condition, including all materials and packaging.

Additional Costs:

  • Non-Faulty Return: A £200 restocking fee applies for electric bikes. This fee will be deducted from the refund amount for non-faulty returns.
  • Cancelled Orders Before Shipment: A 5% fee of the order total is charged to cover processing. This fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • Cancelled Orders After Shipment: A fee of £200 will be deducted from the refund amount for orders cancelled after shipment.

Experiencing checkout issues?

If you encounter difficulties while checking out, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Check with Your Bank: Verify if your bank requires approval for the payment. Sometimes, additional authentication is needed.
  2. Payment Still Not Processing? If you have already checked with your bank and the payment is still not going through, please reach out to us at or call us on 01582 858394. We are here to assist you in finding a solution to complete your purchase smoothly.

I've not received my order confirmation?

If you haven't received an email confirming your order, please follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Spam/Junk Folder: Sometimes, order confirmations can end up here by mistake.
  2. Still Missing? If you've checked your spam/junk folder and still haven't received your confirmation, please email us at or call us on 01582 858394. We're committed to resolving this for you promptly.

Are there finance options for PayPal?

Yes, for products priced between £30 and £2000, you can use PayPal Pay in 3 to split the cost over 3 months interest-free.

Additionally, if you have a PayPal account, you can apply for PayPal Credit, allowing you to spread payments over a selected timeframe with 4 months interest-free.

Are there longer term finance options?

Yes, we offer Snap finance with 11 months interest free or take up to 48 months with interest added.

Another option we offer is Buyline 0% interest with payment terms spread over 6, 9, 10 or 11 months.

Do you offer 0% interest finance options?

Yes, we offer Snap finance with 11 months interest free or take up to 48 months with interest added.

Another option we offer is Buyline 0% interest with payment terms spread over 6, 9, 10 or 11 months.


Spread the cost of your E-Bike or E-Scooter over a period of up to 11 months, 0% interest. Find out more below, or get in touch to discuss the perfect plan for you.

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How long will delivery take?

Each brand of bike has its own unique delivery time. Find more information about delivery timescales here.

Additionally, we offer order tracking so you can monitor your order anytime, or feel free to contact us for further assistance.

What delivery options do you offer?

We offer Free Standard Delivery which is available on all orders over £500.

If you order is under this please contact us at and we will provide a shipping quote based on the weight of items being ordered.


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Does my electric bike require assembly?

Most electric bikes require some assembly upon delivery. This can typically be done at home and is designed to ensure the product is securely packaged to minimise the risk of damage during transit.

Instruction manuals are provided with step-by-step guides to help you assemble the remaining parts efficiently and easily.


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Can I return my order?

We offer 14 days return for an exchange or refund, but we must have the product back in the same brand-new condition you received it in - with all accessories and packaging intact.

Read more about our returns policy here.

I have a problem with my E-bike, who do I speak to?

If you are having any issues with your new bike or scooter, you can contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.

Please provide as much information as possible for us to investigate your query.


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Can I use my E-bike without the motor?

Yes, electric bikes can be used just like regular push bikes if you choose to leave the assistance off. You will feel the slight added weight of the battery and motor, but you can still ride without the assistance.

How do I ride a E-bike or E-scooter?

Electric bikes are designed to be just like a normal push bike. When you initially set off you need to ensure you have the motor power on and pedal as normal. Once you get moving you will feel the assistance and is best practice to make sure you are in the correct gear.

Can I remove my E-bike battery for charging?

On most e-bikes, you have the option to remove the battery for easier charging. Some e-bikes now feature integrated batteries that are not removable, which will be clearly indicated on the product page on our site. These integrated batteries are designed to be charged in place. On most e-scooters, the battery is not removable. Please consult the manual of your e-scooter model to confirm if the battery can be removed.


Can I charge my battery overnight?

All E-bikes & E-scooters we supply will have an automatic cut off in the battery management system. This means that will stop charging when the battery is full.

Do I need to get my electric bike serviced?

We suggest that you take your bike for a generally service around 6-12 months depending on usage. If you are riding very frequently (most days of the week) then every 1000 miles is the perfect time for checkup. If you don’t ride to often then every 12 months is fine.

Can I use my E-Bike in the rain?

Most electric bikes are highly effective in all-weather including the rain and they are typically classed as water resistant. However, we do recommend not to use a heavy-duty pressure washer to clean the bike.

What size electric bike do I need?

Each model of e-bike will have it’s own size guide - check out the product pages for more detailed information.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

How much range will I get from my battery?

This is dependent on the capacity of the battery from the E bike of choice. Several factors do impact the range including the level of pedal assist used, ground incline and cyclists weight. Please check out the details on the product listing for more information.

How long does it take to charge my E-bike battery?

Typically a full charge should take about 4-6 hours for most E-bikes brands, however please check the details on the product page for more information on each specific model or feel free to contact us for clarification.