Why switch to an Electric Bike?

Did you know that an Electric Bike can help you reduce your carbon footprint?

Switching from a daily car journey to an Electric Bike can save an average of 249g of CO2 for every Kilometer travelled!

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Improved Health & Reduced Pain

Research has found that people who ride electric bikes experience nearly as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes without feeling as if they've had a difficult workout. Even with pedal assist, riders still have to pedal which results in burning calories. It's a great cardiovascular exercise that can help build endurance and muscle whilst reducing stress on your joints.

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One of the biggest advantages of electric bikes is their accessibility – they cater for all abilities and ages and allow inexperienced riders to keep pace with more experienced ones.

The motor also gives riders the potential to cycle further without exerting more energy, opening up a whole new world to explore and providing more opportunities for exercise.

Electric Bikes are an environmentally friendly way to remain active and explore our gorgeous planet, travel to work in style, or simply run errands.


Why a Trekking E-Bike?

An ideal bike for the city but also those longer trips as it can easily handle uneven fields, flat roads or small footpaths.

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What makes a Cross County E-bike different?

Cross Country E-bikes are a sportier version of the Trekking e-bike with wider tyres and a higher number of gears, making it comfortable to ride in the city, to work, in lighter terrain or on cycle routes.

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How about a Mountain E-Bike?

The most versatile version of the e-bike, suitable for off-road, dirt roads, roads and cycle paths. Comfort is provided by a suspension fork and wider tyres guarantee a comfortable ride.

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