Cycle To Work Scheme

We are proudly partnered with cycle solutions.

Order process is as follows:

Firstly - Find out if your employer is signed up with cycle solutions, if not we encourage you to invite them to sign up with this scheme. We can help with this if you request.

Secondly - Browse our range of amazing products and choose which electric bike is best suited for you. The E-Bike chosen must meet the UK regulations to be accepted - It must be an electric bike and not a scooter, it must have pedals and no throttle, it must have a maximum of 250w output.

Thirdly - Request from your employer the eCertificate and note the total price of the product chosen, then please send this to us. Employees will then need to load their orders on their own scheme landing page on cycle solutions website and notify us once complete.


Cycle to work scheme