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iENYRID M4 Pro Folding Scooter

iENYRID M4 Pro Folding Scooter

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Introducing the iENYRID M4 Pro Electric Scooter, a high-performance urban cruiser designed to elevate your commuting experience. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and robust construction, this scooter offers an exhilarating ride while providing unmatched convenience and reliability.

At the heart of the iENYRID M4 Pro is its advanced 48V/16Ah battery, offering an impressive driving range of 55-65 km on a single charge. With a charge time of just 6-7 hours, you can quickly recharge your scooter and get back on the road with minimal downtime.

Equipped with a formidable 48V 800W motor, the iENYRID M4 Pro delivers exhilarating acceleration and a top speed of 45 km/h. Whether you're cruising through city streets or tackling challenging terrain, this scooter offers the power and performance you need to navigate with confidence.

Designed to handle various road conditions, the iENYRID M4 Pro features 10-inch tires that provide excellent traction and stability. With a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, this scooter accommodates riders of all sizes while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Weighing just 24.3 kg, the iENYRID M4 Pro is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. When folded, it measures a compact 116 cm x 21.5 cm x 35 cm, allowing you to conveniently carry it on public transportation or stow it in the trunk of your car.

Safety is a top priority, and the iENYRID M4 Pro is equipped with features to ensure a secure ride. With a grade ability of 25°, this scooter effortlessly climbs hills and inclines, while its sturdy construction and reliable braking system provide peace of mind during your travels.

Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or exploring the city, the iENYRID M4 Pro Electric Scooter offers an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With its powerful performance, long-range capabilities, and compact design, it's the perfect companion for urban adventurers and commuters alike.


  • Battery: 48V/16Ah
  • Charge Time: 6-7 hours
  • Power: 48V 800W
  • Top Speed: 45 km/h
  • Driving Mileage: 55-65 km
  • Grade Ability: 25° (depends on the weight of rider and road conditions)
  • Tyre Size: 10 inch
  • Max Load: 150 kg
  • Net Weight: 24.3 kg
  • Gross Weight: 29.39 kg
  • Folded Measurement: 116 cm x 21.5 cm x 35 cm
  • Packing Measurement: 120 cm x 26.5 cm x 50.5 cm
  • Charging Weight: 31.5 kg (Comes with Seat)


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Safety & Legal Information 

Electric bikes with motor power under 250W can be used on UK public roads as long as it meets EAPC regulations, and they can be ridden by persons over the age of 14 years. 

Only bikes that comply with ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles’ (EAPC) regulations can be used on UK public roads and do not require a licence, insurance, TAX or MOT. 

For more information on the regulations check; Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance - GOV.UK 

Electric Bikes with more than 250W power cannot be used on UK public roads without first obtaining type approval, insurance, tax, MOT and displaying a number plate. Electric Bikes that have motors over 250W are sold on the basis of being used on private land with the landowner’s permission. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of Electric Assisted Vehicles. 

Before riding you are responsible for checking the regulations and ensuring compliance with the applicable laws. We are not responsible for any mishaps, accidents or violation of any laws or regulations by use of this product. 

Ensure that the correct safety protection is worn when using any vehicle, including but not limited to helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads or body pads.

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